Does anyone out here hand make their loved one something for Valentines Day?

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Does anyone out here hand make their loved one something for Valentines Day?

Bignuf Bignuf
Hubby buys me flowers and gifts. I know he is taking me out for a nice dinner. However, when it comes to cards, he often makes his own...with colored markers, pens and paper. He has been doing this since we were poor as dirt in graduate school. It was a time he brought me a dandelion
"bouquet" from the roadside. Let it be known, I still cherish the thought of that bouquet more then the insanely expensive "exotic lilies" he sent me years later or the huge rose bouquets he can send now. Those dandelions were a real show of love. That is why I LOVE the hand made cards he still "sends me". They have words telling of his love (he should work for hallmark) and he spends weeks,sometimes, working on the "art". Make no mistake, he is NOT an artist (by any stretch), but in my eyes...those cards were, and still are, the MOST beautiful and special, I have seen.

Anyone else hand make something for their loved one?
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I do sometimes. I love receiving handmade cards and gifts from loved ones.
geliebt geliebt
fizzygato fizzygato

If I'm giving you a present at all, I'm going to go all out for you, and make sure it's 100% special, something that shows I took a lot of time and care out for you, etc.

I don't need it to be for a partner. Even just for friends, if I'm giving you something it's got to be PERFECT!
SecondStory SecondStory
I made all my friends valentines day cards this year. It took a damn long time but a couple of people cried so it was worth it.
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