Not wanting a baby shower

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Not wanting a baby shower

rosythorn rosythorn
I just went to a baby shower yesterday which almost didn't happen because the mother felt guilty about excepting gifts. So we made a small shower, only 7 people and just brought some small things, most of them used.

My question, does anyone else feel this way?

I love these sort of things! I love to give cute gifts like this! But I respect her wishes as well.
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ChubbyNerd ChubbyNerd
I have a cousin who doesn't really want to have a bridal shower because she doesn't want to be a bother and have someone go out of their way to throw her one.
Septimus Septimus
My aunt is throwing me a bridal shower, and I'm looking at it as a fun way to celebrate with my family and friends. And if people want to get me gifts (stuff that I'll actually use), all the better!
eri86 eri86
I wouldn't want a large shower. Or one that lasted very long. But that's more to do with my personality.

I prefer smaller groups, don't particularly like being the center of attention, and being an introvert, I can only handle being around people for so long.
jennifur77 jennifur77
I would love it. Of course, if it was a second baby, it would be more for just getting together and playing silly games rather than receiving gifts.
Trysexual Trysexual
Interesting..I'd probably feel the same way if I ever had kids. I hated baby showers at work, in the past, because I felt I had to chip in on gifts for someone I barely knew...not to mention how boring they are. I don't even let on it's my birthday outside of my home. Hate the attention.
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
I like parties but I can understand that. I would probably just ask people to come celebrate with me if I didn't want gifts.
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When I had my bridal shower, I was blushing all day because I knew people bought me items for the house and a couple lingerie items, and I just felt so guilty that they spent their hard earned money on me, so I have requested that when I do get pregnant, and a baby shower is thrown, that I receive only cards.
wwwww wwwww
I've never had a baby shower but I know a few woman who did. Some of them had problems accepting gifts because they really didn't like being a bother. I think it has to do with your state of mind. Some people just don't like the idea of having people buy gifts for them.
Lioncub Lioncub
I only had one and it was with my first child. I felt uncomfortable and flat out said I would not have another one.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I wouldn't feel guilty. I'm pregnant and having a shower. I want people to celebrate my child coming into the world. If they want to just buy a $5 onesie, that's fine. If they want to spend more, that's appreciated too.
TheirPet TheirPet
I wouldn't mind. Babies are expensive to get started.
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