scream 4

kawigrl kawigrl
do you think is going to be the new Halloween like every few decades or so they'll make one? No spoilers here I haven't seen it
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
This was filmed last fall(?) around where I live.

Honestly, they've never held my interest.
married with children married with children
not interested in scream 4, sorry.
Linga Linga
I actually liked it. I've seen them all and compared to the last two, number four has a plausible story line and I think it was worth watching. None of them are scary though, at all
Shellz31 Shellz31
I hope to see it. I have seen the rest.
virtualmirage virtualmirage
I love this franchise...always have. Probably because it's not as cheesy and raunchy as most horror flicks. I also like the actors on most of them and we have really been looking forward to watching it. Will probably go out with the whole family next week to see it.
missdizzy missdizzy
I saw the second and third movies in the theater (the first one didn't hit my radar, but I was 11 when it came out) - and I absolutely love them. To the point where, when this one came out, my parents wanted to go with me.

I do kind of hope that they come out with another one at some point - but only if the main three are in them. It's so rare that a Franchise can keep THREE main cast members. I don't even care that there is no realistic expectation of their deaths, in fact I like it.
oldman oldman
I saw the original "Scream" and loved it. I think its been downhill since.
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