Third Rock From The Sun

bettyboom bettyboom
I just discovered I can watch Third Rock from the Sun on Hulu!!! How many of you are fans too?
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dv8 dv8
I was a fan when the show originally aired. The Neighbors has a similar theme but doesn't come close to Third Rock.
Zombirella Zombirella
I used to like it, been forever since I've seen it but I'm sure I'd still like it. I love the girl, I can't think of her name right now but she plays the main role in The Exes on TV Land and I LOVE that show! It's hilarious, you should check it out. I saw on their FB page that they are filming season 2 and I'm SO excited!
married with children married with children
it was a ok show. I dont think I would go out of my way to watch it again though.
Virgingasms Virgingasms
I liked it more when I was a kid. John Lithgow was really funny on it.
mpfm mpfm
I watched it while it was running. Sometimes I'll catch a rerun. It was a funny show.
dawnkye dawnkye
I didn't watch it while it was originally running, but I did watch all the seasons recently. It's an amusing show! I enjoyed it, but it doesn't break into my top ten.
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I watched the show years ago. I think I may need to go back and watch some of them again. Now that I'm older, I am sure there are things that I did not pick up on when I was younger.
SMichelle SMichelle
Eh... I watched it a bit when I was younger, but I don't find it very funny nowadays.
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by bettyboom
I just discovered I can watch Third Rock from the Sun on Hulu!!! How many of you are fans too?
I used to watch it, years ago!
TheirPet TheirPet
Man Joe was so cute (and he's still cute now)!
SassySam SassySam
i loved it, there's not many shows i can watch over and over again and still find funny.
chicmichiw chicmichiw
I just re-watched this series this winter!
ththpup ththpup
Great comedy!
Boosty Boosty
I really liked, but that's ages ago.
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