Any AT&T Customers?

darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I've just about had it with them, and I've only had service for about 7 months. They continuously send me bills late and charge me late fees. Today's bill had an extra $90 tacked on to my phone service, which I only use a few times a week. My home phone is just the super cheap, limited local call plan. So now I have to call on Monday and yell at them to take this charge off my bill.

What's your experience with AT&T? Do you like/hate them?
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Peggi Peggi
I am not currently a customer because I hated them too. I worked in the technical support area a long time ago, back when I first was out of high school, and it seemed like I was the only one who was nice there, everyone else was so rude on the phone with customers and they'd call in complaining about the same issues I had! Yeah, they tend to tack on the extra fees quite often, and then when I was in their fees department I found out why - they have you add on extra fees ALL THE TIME over stupid crap, and if you make a mistake they practically encourage you to NOT correct it, just let it go and see if customers notice!

A friend of mine has issues with her phones from them all the time too, and getting replacements is a bitch! Plus she has issues with her bills all the time, and the customer service people are rude to her too.

So, I feel your pain, darthkitt3n!

Right now, I'm with Verizon. MUCH better than AT&T.
js250 js250
I have some charges that are bizzare with them and luckily I have someone who works with me every month at the local store. I did get grandfathered with the unlimited internet usage, so will definitely keep going with that!! The phones? I will let you know in a year when the contract is up, not very impressed with the added fees, but we will see.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
We're on a family plan with his parents so I don't actually see the bill. I just pay my mother-in-law the fees for my account when I think about it.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I have AT&T, but I've never really had any problems.
Jul!a Jul!a
I was happy with Cingular. They had a fantastic insurance plan you could buy that would let you replace your phone if it broke and didn't require a monthly fee like pretty much all of the plans now. Then AT&T bought Cingular, and everything started to suck. Do not sell me a phone and say that it can theoretically run a small business then tell me I'm SOL when it can't handle my texting, which wasn't that much I didn't think. I ended up with T-Mobile, which surprise surprise, got bought out by AT&T. So I'm waiting to see if I get screwed on anything when all the changeovers finally happen. I like having my unlimited internet, so I hesitate to jump anywhere else until I know for sure I can't have it anymore. We'll see what happens when it's time to upgrade phones/update contracts, etc.
married with children married with children
I dropped them years ago. The service was bad, and the prices were as much as the other guys. I have had no problems with sprint. No dropped calls, no slow data, and good customer service.
AmberM AmberM
AT&T has really been a pain in the behind lately.. They charged us 75$ for a non existent data plan-they refunded it luckily- Not to mention dropped calls, texts taking longer to get through& a few other problems.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I got ahold of them and the fee is going to be removed. They claim they are fixing my account so it won't show bills late anymore, too. I hope I don't run into any more billing problems, but I probably will.
Peggi Peggi
Originally posted by darthkitt3n
I got ahold of them and the fee is going to be removed. They claim they are fixing my account so it won't show bills late anymore, too. I hope I don't run into any more billing problems, but I probably will.
I hope not as well; good luck!
B8trDude B8trDude
Dumped them years ago and will NEVER use them again.
Girly Girl Girly Girl
i never have a problem because i just don't use there service
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