apartment reviews

T&A1987 T&A1987
Has anyone found apartment ratings use? After looking through them, I've found the majority of them not only so negative, but so whiny that they cannot be taken seriously. Reviews for a previous apartment I rented overstated problems, while ignoring others. What's everyone else experience with apartment reviews?
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indiglo indiglo
I've found that to be true of reviews (elsewhere) on almost everything, apartments included. It seems like for someone to actually take the time to write a review, they have to be disgruntled for some reason - usually a petty, personal reason that isn't helpful to anyone else.

It's frustrating, especially since I'm used to such great reviews here at Eden. I always think "these reviews are so useless, I wish Edenites would write reviews here too!" lol
FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
Reminds me of reviews I had to write on my professors after last semester of college. The only one I really took any time on was the professor who was terrible and deserved to be fired. Bad things make people speak up.
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