Board games/ card games

Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
Are they becoming a thing of the past? I remember sitting around the coffee table playing chinese checkers or monopoly for hours. Does anyone still play with their kids these days when children seem to be glued to technology?
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Vaginas Vaginas
I still love them but hardly anyone will ever play
js250 js250
We played with our kids all the time--then they moves out on their own. We still play on holidays and such when the kids come over, though.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I find that a lot of people play them online.
A little, but I still love them!
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Maybe we're living in the past, but once in a while my mom and I play them.
I love board games, they're electricity free fun...can't beat that if the power goes out now can you? =3
Trysexual Trysexual
I still play card games. Board games on a rare occassion, but still enjoy Risk, Scrabble, monopoly on occasion.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Nope, it's a lot of fun and a good way to gather people. If you make it cell phone free, it's a great way to get people to actually talk
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