Crazy experiment--who's with me?

spiced spiced
Did you ever wonder how expressions get started? Somebody says something, somebody else hears it and repeats it and pretty soon it's everywhere. What if we tried to start an expression ourselves and spread it intentionally. Do you think it's possible, or is this just nuts?

My idea is to spread the phrase "that's the hokey pokey"--meaning, that's what it's all about. Say you're a Peyton Manning fan. Somebody asks you what you think about him, you could say, "I think he's the hokey pokey." You'll probably have to explain it at first. But I think it could work. If it does go mainstream, remember you heard it here first.

What do you think?
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Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I think this is bonkers, but i use to do this shit all the time in high school. We tried to call 'Pussy' "RawPueyy" for yeasrs, it never caught on. That and if everything went to shit in an instant we would say "Well shit ain't this a bunch of douche pickles and cunt cheese."
That...of course...never ever caught on.
js250 js250
Ummm....could be interesting.
T&A1987 T&A1987
sounds too spicy for the pepper.
h3artsav3r h3artsav3r
It would be fun to try!
peachmarie peachmarie
That's adorable, it sounds like something my mom would say.
Some of my friends tried this with various words starting with "douche" like "douchewaffle" or "douchesausage."
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