Dear gentlemen: are you a woodwork maniac? Dear ladies: is your precious in love with building stuff? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Wondering who are into it - and girls, dare to comment if you are in love with such activities too!
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Rossie Rossie
Not mine! He only likes photography...sometime s I wish he's more crafty.
indiglo indiglo
Between the two of us, I'm the one who's handier and likes to use power tools and build stuff. I can do stuff around the house (nothing too difficult but stuff like replacing overhead lights, cut and install baseboards, framing out the entrance to the attic, making doors to put on a bookshelf, etc.), and it really makes him laugh. He really likes that I enjoy using tools and know how to do a few things.
Calla Calla
Like indiglo, I'm the handy one in the relationship. I have built some furniture and know how to do household repairs etc. My dad did all our renovations and would get me to help when I was growing up, so I learned a few things. My guy is willing to help out, but doesn't have much experience.
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