Do you believe people can change or that they basically stay the same, just change their outward actions.

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Do you believe people can change or that they basically stay the same, just change their outward actions.

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I believe people can change if they have enough willingness and importance attached to their change. I do not believe in overnight changes, but in progress with time. I have had both changes and do not know why I am being a hyppocrite over the overnight changes.
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TheCleansing TheCleansing
I believe people stay the same more than they change.

I believe some people can change long term. No one changes overnight in my book.
indiglo indiglo
Yes, someone can make changes in their life. From big changes to small changes, if someone wants to work hard enough to change they can. It's not easy, and it doesn't happen over night, and there is always the chance of relapses (no matter the change). A person has to feel the need to change and have the desire to do it (no matter how hard it is), but they can do it.
Ghost Ghost
I think people can change, and other people stay the same.
Peggi Peggi
Basically, I feel the way that you do.

If a person wants to change for the right reasons and those reasons are of strong enough importance, it can be done. It also doesn't happen right away, in fact it can take possibly years depending on the situation and person. I think that there are certain types of people who can't change because maybe the issue has underlying problems or it is a part of their genetic makeup or who they are (take a sociopath for example...maybe they want to feel emotion, but they will never be able to no matter how badly they want to) (an alcoholic can sometimes overcome their addiction but many cannot).
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I feel that some things are hardwired, and you can't stop thinking that way, no matter what; but that you can change what you do based on that thinking. That you can change what you think afterwards. As in: thought one: 'I'm glad he's dead. Stupid bastard brought it on himself.' Thought two: 'No, he didn't. That's wrong, and this is why ...'

I feel, overall, people can change, but it's a long struggle, and one that people who want that change have to maintain.
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