Do you like guavas?

Falsepast Falsepast
They're a kind of fruit in case you don't know. I love them and although most pictures of them are green with pink inside, you actually only eat them when they're yellow outside and pink inside.
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travelnurse travelnurse
Yes, my neighbor has a tree
Rossie Rossie
I love guava juice, but not the fruit itself, I hate biting into those hard seeds!
melissa1973 melissa1973
Never tried it.
AmethystSmoke AmethystSmoke
I haven't eaten guava fruit in years! There were some trees not far from the house I grew up in so we'd eat them right off the tree.

For some strange reason I love guava jelly but guava jam? Not so much. Guava juice tastes good but I like it even better mixed with lilikoi (passion fruit juice).

I need to find a local store that sells the frozen guava concentrate - it makes an awesome meat marinade!
indiglo indiglo
I was at a party over the weekend, and one of the hors d'oeuvres was little chunks of guava and cheese. OMG sooooo delicious!!! I ate a ton of them.
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