Do you watch Lost??

IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
I loveeee the series Lost, wondering if anybody else watches it too?
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lacybutton lacybutton
I LOVE LOST. It was so great. The last season was slightly disappointing but the whole series was super unique and kept you guessing. Great show.
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
Not me, but my brother is obsessed with it. His love for it is scary, it's that extreme.
sktb0007 sktb0007
Omg yes!! We are just finishing Season 3 actually. It's really excellent and like lacybutton said, it keeps us guessing! I get really .. emotionally involved (?) when I watch that show. When Michael screwed over his friends, I got so angry. Most of the characters have really frustrated me... except Sahid. He's the man.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I watched it. Loved the show.
slynch slynch
I've never seen it.

We love Fringe! (Also by J.J. Abrams)
Shellz31 Shellz31
I got bored after the 2nd or 3rd season. Lost LOST the plot for me!
dv8 dv8
I watched it while it was on. It was a fun ride.
Avant-garde Avant-garde
Never seen it and don't want to.
T&A1987 T&A1987
loved it, but I'm still mad at the last season. if you've seen the whole show, watch this. warning, spoilers.

Errant Venture Errant Venture
Very funny. But I'm confused (a normal reaction to watching Lost). A new trailer for what?
GravyCakes GravyCakes
i liked the 1st 2 seasons, but then it just got to be a little too weird for me. i loved the 1st season, though.
mpfm mpfm
I watched the entire series. Loved it.
sunkissedJess sunkissedJess
I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix and I absolutely loved it.
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