Glasses vs. Contacts

BabyL0ve BabyL0ve
Which would you rather wear during sex?
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9  (27%)
24  (73%)
Total votes: 33
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toxie m toxie m
Neither? I wear glasses most of the time but always take them off for sex. I have my eyes closed for a lot of the time during sex anyway so having any kind of vision aid would just be unnecessary.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
I usually take my glasses off for sex, but they do add a bit of naughty librarian look. It becomes part of the costume when I'm domming. Also, I don't own contacts.
carenautilus carenautilus
Not either, really. My vision is pretty good, I only wear glasses to drive. Which I'm hopefully not doing at the same time I'm having sex.
slynch slynch
I wear glasses, but take them off when we go to bed. I don't want to break them.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Spectacles get foggy during hot sex! Contacts are easier.
JRabbits JRabbits
Well, if I have to pick one of the two I'd go with contacts. But I don't really wear my glasses when I'm in bed unless I'm reading, so even if I were to have sex with my glasses on I'd try to find a way to remove them without breaking focus or my glasses.
Rossie Rossie
Neither. I only wear glasses when I'm driving.
mandiegk mandiegk
Well I wear my contacts during sex all the time - it's not exactly convenient to take them out. When I am wearing my glasses I take them I will take them off, as they can be pretty annoying.
Ryuson Ryuson
I always wear my contacts
- Kira - - Kira -
Either contact or nothing if I've already taken them out. Sometimes I take them out before sex anyway because with my eyes closed they can be bothersome.
indiglo indiglo
I wear glasses in my day to day life when necessary (I can't see things that are far away), but take them off for sex - they get in the way too much. I'll wear them sometimes as part of a particular look my man likes (naughty librarian) but they have to come off eventually.
Taylor Taylor
Usually I will wear my contacts, because that's what I wear every day anyway. I usually only wear my glasses right before I go to bed. If I was already wearing my glasses and we were going to have sex I would take them off. Every partner I've had who wears glasses would take them off before sex also.
domsub1993 domsub1993
Definitely my contacts, but I don't wear them very often. My husband loves when I wear my glasses.
Coralbell Coralbell
I wear glasses. Sometimes I take them off before sex, but usually I leave them on. They've never really bothered me during sex, and my boyfriend thinks my glasses are sexy.
dawnkye dawnkye
For me, contacts over glasses, always. For everything actually.
Ash1141 Ash1141
Definitely contacts.
haley730 haley730
Contacts, glasses are a pain in the ass for me.
I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
For sure Contacts!
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Glasses just seem to get in the way, although I do dig chicks in glasses....totally hot.....
Originally posted by BabyL0ve
Which would you rather wear during sex?
It doesn't matter, but if things get rough, which with me, it's likely to happen, contacts make more sense.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I've never had a problem with my glasses.
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