How does this site work?

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Ok so the only way I can get here is from internet on my phone and my phone doesn't allow me to upload stuff. I'm confused about how this site works like the review program and writing articles I dont know how to do this stuff all I get is how to search for items which is easy like every other site with products. I wonder if im having this problem and confusion bc im on my phone or if it just me. Does anyone else have trouble figuring out how to do stuff on this site??? Please help lol I would like to do more but dont know how.
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Sammi Sammi
There's a directory of Eden Programs here, which will give you links to the threads on the review programs, mentor program, and review proofreading program.

Information on writing for SexIs is here, and there's more information, including the current Topic Suggestion Contest here.

I hope that helps!
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