#SexIsSocial - April 2013 - Community Choice Topic Suggestion Contest

#SexIsSocial - April 2013 - Community Choice Topic Suggestion Contest

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray

Hey, y'all!

It's time for another Community Choice Topic Suggestion Contest! You don't have to be an existing member of the community. Anyone can enter. You just have to create a free account, or sign in with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or AOL.

If a winning topic is suggested by more than one person, the first person who suggested the topic wins.
Each person can only win once. If you've suggested all 3 winning topics, you will receive only the 1st place gift card. 2nd and 3rd place cards will go to the runners up.
You've got until March 20th to post suggestions. Topic poll will be posted to the SexIs section of the forum on March 22nd.
Winners announcement will be posted in the SexIs forum section on April 2nd, so keep your eyes peeled!
Winners must email rayne@edenfantasys.com to claim their prize. Prizes not claimed within 90 days are forfeit.
The three topics with the most votes will be added to April's Editorial Calendar.

#1 suggestion: 3000 EdenPoints
#2 suggestion: 2000 EdenPoints
#3 suggestion: 1000 EdenPoints




Good luck!

Oh, and...


We're always accepting quality content from anyone who has something to say on the subjects of sex, relationships and sexuality. It's really simple. All you need is a free EdenFantasys.com account, for which you can register with Facebook, Google, or AOL. Then, just find the "Publish SexIs Article" link in your EdenFantasys dashboard, enter your article into the system, and submit it to our editors for review. We've even got some great topic suggestions to get you started. You can find the details here in the SexIs Social submission guidelines.
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js250 js250
Women's Sexual Health Issues
--ovarian cancer

Men's Sexual Health Issues
--prostrate cancer
--enlarged prostrate
--Peyronies Disease (curved penis)

April Fools...
Missy27 Missy27
Earth Day - Green Toys - what benefit do they have

Spring Cleaning - Time to Clean out your Toybox

Spring Ahead - what does the time change do to your body

Office Romance -- the good, bad and ugly
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
How to/can you make it work after someone has cheated
Dealing with cheating in general
Silverdrop Silverdrop
The worst/funniest sexual experience you ever had
SummerJ SummerJ
Do people who have only ever been with one person ever wonder what else is out there?
Trysexual Trysexual
-Tipping the Kinsey scale: Straight men who play(ed) with men
-Dating after STDs
- Breaking taboos: My experiences at nudist resorts/beaches
-Why swinging is even more complicated than dating
-Breaking taboos: Pegging and cross dressing fantasies & experiences
-Glory hole diaries
-The kinkiest thing I ever did on webcam was......
-Who wears the Panties in your relationship?
AwesomeAmanda AwesomeAmanda
Getting your body sexy summer ready

bedroom basics: what are the most basic tips and techniques you think every one should know.

lingerie for all sizes: what works for your size and shape and what doesnt.

ways to use everyday furniture and objects as sex objects and positioners.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
The Importance of Self Discovery

How To Freshen Up A Stale Romance

How To Comfortably Compromise
RosesThorns RosesThorns
Trying To Conceive (stress, sex life changes, etc)
zj22 zj22
Why discussing anal sex and anal play with your doctor could save your life.

PrankvsPrank/BfvsGf's Jeana & Jesse; what makes these April fool's such a great couple to watch.

The history of rabbit vibrators; when the bunny first came hopping. Who invented it and why.
AliMc AliMc
What exactly does 'getting tested' involve: first-hand, in-depth accounts from both genders.

The Kama Sutra: are those uncomfortable looking positions really worth the effort?
Munko Munko
Sex and Self image

Sexual dysfunction: When one partner struggles in the bedroom

Sex and Religion

Keeping the intimacy when sex is off the table
MattnLinda99 MattnLinda99
Originally posted by Rayne Millaray
Hey, y'all! It's time for another Community Choice Topic Suggestion Contest! You don't have to be an existing member of the community. Anyone can enter. You just have to create a free account, or sign in with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or ...
Rules when adding another sexual partner into a manogomous relationship.

How to protect your digital information ie private photos, sext messages in the digital age.

How to deal with his ego when you don't want to do perform a particular sexual behavior with him.
Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
Some really good suggestions so far.

Since this is for April month of the famous April Fool. How about either:

sexual pranks that you have pulled or had pulled on you,

or how you have (or someone you know has) acted the fool in a sexual relationship?
AliMc AliMc
How to actually have a threesome - the planning involved, setting rules, who to ask to be the third partner as well as tips for positions, etc.

Circumcision and the effects on pleasure and sensitivity, from the viewpoint of men who were circumcised as an adult, and so have also experienced sex whilst they still had their foreskin and can offer a comparison.
Sangsara Sangsara

*Keona* *Keona*
Physical infidelity vs emotional infidelity

Celebrity fantasies: Are they spicing up your relationship or creating unhealthy obsessions?

DIY: The many uses of a condom

Too tired for sex. Too lazy to masturbate
AwesomeAmanda AwesomeAmanda
Mood music: how music can help set the mood

Spicing up your sex life- Literally! How spices and herbs can help your sex life.
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
How to talk about STDs with your partner

What to do when your partner's turn-ons turn you off

Ways to incorporate porn into your sex life without feeling cliche
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Rayne Millaray
Hey, y'all! It's time for another Community Choice Topic Suggestion Contest! You don't have to be an existing member of the community. Anyone can enter. You just have to create a free account, or sign in with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or ...
-Tips for "telling your family"! Whatever you need to be telling them. Whatever you are "informing them" about your life or life style, what is the best ways to do it? What has worked for members of the EF group, and what techniques have totally flopped? Let's share and help each other. Most everyone is faced with this kind of dilemma at one time or another. We all have to "come out", "come clean", or "inform" our families about something they may not want to know about us, but which we feel needs to be known to "clear the air". So share.
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
General Sex/Relationship - Keeping an open line of communication between you and your partner.

General Sex/Relationships- Juggling lifes (family,job) obligations with quality time with your partner.
ChuChii ChuChii
How to go about having a three some.

What are some things to do to keep a relationship exciting?

How to feel sexy and lose wieght at the same time ?
SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
The fine line between flirting and sexual harassment.

Marital rape.

History of erotica and pornography.

Sexual emancipation and constrains imposed by religion.

Teenage sex, from a point of view of an adult.

Sexual incompatibility.
Chastity Darling Chastity Darling
Menses: What constitutes "irregular" and what is "abnormal"

When to start the "talk" with your kids (age/maturity/outside influences)

Sex after Assault: How to get your sexy back after it has been stolen

Sex after kids
Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
-Slut-shaming: What it is, why it's happening and why it's not okay.

-Creative places to have sex (and even incorporate EF toys) after having children.

-How having kids can change the sexual dynamic between two people and how to get back to 'normal'.

-Dating and sex: How long should you wait before getting into bed?

-Sex and the long-term relationship: How to spice things up like never before.
jennifur77 jennifur77
Relationships -- Long Distance Relationships
Sexual Health -- Weight Loss is Sexy
edeneve edeneve
-how health issues affect one's sex life

-how use of mirrors aid in sexual excitement/experience

-how scents add to or distract from sexual experience
Trysexual Trysexual
Deadline has passed. Someone needs to lock./update this contest.

I think it's on hold indefinitely anyway.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I"m not going to lock the thread as we may end up picking this back up or combining it with other things, but Trysexual is correct, the contest is on hold for the moment.
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