Is Daniel Tosh gay?

MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy him. Flipping funny as hell. Have had some debated discussions about whether or not he is gay. Thoughts?
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batcranker , jay28 , Roshandala
3  (9%)
squire , EmuLove , SecretKinksters
3  (9%)
Who the hell is Daniel Tosh?
ellejay , GenderSexplorations , Bignuf , T&A1987 , Wicked Wahine
5  (16%)
Other (please explain)
SaMiKaY , Chul , El-Jaro , WhoopieDoo , zwee75 , dv8 , mizzmilla , Sir , Airen Wolf , Avant-garde , (Re)tired Stripper , AmberM , Beck , Mxd , RockMami , Adriana Ravenlust , The Curious Couple , The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary , Gone (LD29) , Allstars316 , Living Doll
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To be honest... I have no freakin idea! He completely seems gay, but that could just be his quirky personality. If anything I would vote bi. =P I can see him on the receiving end of some manly fun and making fun of it on his show in a new segment: "Rear-end REDEMPTION!" lawl
Chul Chul
I love Daniel Tosh, even since his stand up days, lol. He's so racey, but I just love the delivery of his jokes and just how quirky and creative he can be. Although, his sexuality, I am not sure.

I honestly think, with how much he jokes around with them NOW, that he continues to do so just to poke more fun at the people criticizing that his show is "so gay!". Back in his earlier episodes and stand ups, while sexuality jokes were addressed, it wasn't really a defining aspect of his act. I think he just likes to poke fun at everyone and keeping himself an enigma, which he does very well by balancing the "gay" things he does on the show with seemingly, stereotypical "straight" mentalities.

So, for all we know, he could be straight, curvy, upside down, sideways up. I'm not really questioning it since sexuality is very fluid to begin with, so, he may lean toward one or the other or a bit of both. I have the feeling though he is -mostly- straight and just plays along because he couldn't really care less and just likes to have fun, keeping people guessing.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
no, i just think he's been making a lot of gay jokes & acts b/c so many people are saying he is.
Cherrylane Cherrylane
Idk or care if he's gay. Clearly, you can't tell just because of his personality. Pretty sure he did bits involving his straightness before he had his show (he was in fact a legitimate stand up comedian).

That said, he may not be gay, but he is certainly a hipster. As far as popular culture and stereotyped gender norms go, that's as good as gay for a lot of people. So lol.
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
Other....I have no idea. It's in the air, really. My bet is on bi.
zwee75 zwee75
Don't know, don't care. As long as he keeps making me laugh.
batcranker batcranker
Originally posted by MrWishyWashy him. Flipping funny as hell. Have had some debated discussions about whether or not he is gay. Thoughts?
mizzmilla mizzmilla
I don't think he is. I absolutely cannot stand him.
Sir Sir
First of all, I do not know who that is. Second of all, there's no way to "act" or "seem" gay. That's horribly incorrect. Gay is not a way of acting, it's a sexuality or emotion (if in reference to being happy).
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by MrWishyWashy him. Flipping funny as hell. Have had some debated discussions about whether or not he is gay. Thoughts?
Without knowing his personal choice in dating/sex/love affairs I can't speak to whether he is gay or not!
Avant-garde Avant-garde
I don't care what sexual orientation he has, besides I don't even find him funny.
(Re)tired Stripper (Re)tired Stripper
I think he is messing with people, intentionally trying to confuse them about what "gay" looks like/acts like/does. And personally, I think it's kind of cool of him. I honestly don't care if he is, I like his stand-up as well as his show. Whether gay or straight, he is secure enough in his sexuality to joke about it and seem "fluid."
squire squire
I don't believe that he is, though it doesn't really matter to me. I think due to his brand of humor he likes to keep people on edge with everything, and he's pretty good at it. Though he can be offensive, his stand-up is ridiculous (I like the shock value mind you), I find it refreshing that he can have sexual orientation/behaviors be such a consistent part of his material. Most comics seem far too homophobic and uncomfortable with how they appear to have those conversations.
AmberM AmberM
I would bet that he's Bi, if anything.
Beck Beck
Who cares? If you look it up, he refuses to actually say and I remember him saying on his show that he wants to keep it that way. He likes that people keep asking and send him ridiculous comments.

Personally I do not think so. Sure he does to somethings that are questionable, but I think he is secure in his sexuality and presents himself to be open to all things.
RockMami RockMami
Other...I don't know and I don't care! He makes me laugh a lot though!
klyte klyte
I don't really care either way, but I don't think so.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I really have no clue. He's very funny, though.
The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
Originally posted by MrWishyWashy him. Flipping funny as hell. Have had some debated discussions about whether or not he is gay. Thoughts?
I chose other because honestly I dont know and I am cool with him either way because hes funny as FU@K!
HannahPanda HannahPanda
I don't think so.
EmuLove EmuLove
I don't think he is gay but if he felt in the mood it wouldn't be difficult for him to find a good looking fellah
Allstars316 Allstars316
I dont think so
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
I don't think so, he's all about getting reactions out of people I think its all part of his comedy.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Who, I don't know who he is?

Good for him, keep people guessing!
LoveDrunk LoveDrunk
Gay or not, he's hilarious!!
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