Lotto Money going to schools?

MamaDivine MamaDivine
I have noticed on tv lately, that the lottery claims to be putting millions of dollars into the schools. I am not totally sure how they calculate this or how they figure out where it goes to what school, but from what I have been seeing in our local schools, we're not getting the money!

Several schools in our area have been cutting teachers, programs, after school activities and sports programs. They have tons of remodeling and updating that needs to be done, yet does not get done. Expansions on the buildings are left to sit until money is available OR they simply do not upgrade.

So my question is....where exactly DOES that millions of dollars that come in from the lotto go?
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Badass Badass
I would love to know the answer to this myself..
I just recently had a conversation about this with a friend. Why are so many local schools in MI getting shut down if the mega millions is bringing in soooo much money?
misskat misskat
In my state, the lottery money goes to college scholarships that everyone is eligible for if students can maintain a certain GPA.
married with children married with children
lotto profits go to alot of things.
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