Do you like raises laptop bottoms? :D

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Do you like raises laptop bottoms? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Well, it's like those keyboards you can set to have a different angle, though it is said that it isn't good for the health of your hands...

Do you like or dislike raised laptop bottoms?
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I do!
4  (36%)
I don't!
It doesn't matter to me...
5  (45%)
Other? :)
2  (18%)
Total votes: 11
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humblepie humblepie
I do for a different reason. My laptop overheats CONSTANTLY. Right now, it's sitting on top of two giant textbooks with a desk fan next to it, and it's still pretty warm underneath. If it had a raised bottom so that the finicky parts weren't stuck against the table/my lap/whatever it wouldn't heat up as much and I wouldn't have to freeze my fingers off.

Ergonomically I can't tell a difference, and the downside is that raised keyboards tend to make for a bulkier, heavier laptop. Unless you meant like a slanted cooling pad for placing under laptops? Those are a pain to carry but really nice.
Woman China Woman China
I have my laptop up on a container and a cutting board a top that. I have it like this because it is easier on my eyes (eye level) and I keep my back straighter.

But I am not 100% certain this is what you are asking though.
Entropy Entropy
I use proper keyboarding technique (thank you very much 1980's high school typing class), and these types of keyboards support my wrists; I like 'em.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
I don't mind them.
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