So..My 14 yr old neighbor is pregnant.....

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So..My 14 yr old neighbor is pregnant.....

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Well, to be honest, I wasn't much surprised. Being a young mom myself, starting out with nothing and being totally irresponsible at that age myself, I tried to talk her out of traveling that same road. We knew she was having sex and I did my best and gave it my all to be the mothery type to her that she doesn't have (her mom passed away a few years ago). However, all my help, advice and chit chats with her just weren't enough. Now she is 5 months pregnant. I have such split feelings about this. She is CERTAINLY not ready to mother a child. She is a sweet girl, but she's....hmm...How to put this....She's somewhat "slow" and not quite mature mentally/emotionally etc to take care of HERSELF let alone a baby of her own. But I still feel this inner need to just give her everything I have to help her out.

I've been there........I know how hard it is.......and I so want to make sure that she is helped as best as I can. When I was in her position, I was scared to death but I had family and friends that stood by me, helped me, gave me things for the baby and really helped me to get on my feet and take care of my kids when I was young. Now that I am older and more able to help OTHERS in this position, instead of giving all my 8 month old's clothing and items to goodwill, I boxed them up and shipped them next door.

I HAVE to give back. Its the least that I can do for someone else that has nothing. I was so blessed to have all that I have in my life, the people that surround me daily and those that helped me along the way to becoming the person that I am today and the parent that I am today. I just feel an obligation to helping this young girl out. I know her dad well, we've had many chats. He's struggling with it financially and not sure how they are going to make it through......and all I could tell him is "Don't worry, God will provide". He looked at me kinda funny and shrugged it off. Now, 5 months later, My mom gave me a box of baby clothes that were almost brand new, that I couldn't use (I had a girl, she's having a boy) and I have a TON of toys/books/feeding items that I gave her today. She was talking to me about getting a body pillow. I have two......she now has one.

Does anyone else feel this need to give back to people? Theres one thing to be generous and help someone out, but I feel like going through all my stuff and just throwing everything in their living-room saying "Here ya go!!!" and being totally ecstatic to help out LOL. Am I crazy? Or do others do this too?
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js250 js250
I do this a lot as well. There is something that is satisfying in helping someone out and repaying the debt owed from when you were in that situation. It is a way of easing someone else's mind-the same way your was when you recieved help. At least that is how it is with me. Great job!!
PolyLove PolyLove
I wasn't quiet that young when my lil man came along 5 and a half short months ago. If you could provide me with a PO box or something (preferably not a personal address) I would be happy to ship her my lil man's out grown clothes. I also have a lot of other baby items I would be happy to part with, I know how hard it can be even tho I wasn't that young and mine was planned. Babies are a handful!!
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