MamaDivine MamaDivine
So, my husband received TWO calls from the same company this morning. Its a Sunday, we're spending time with our family (except for my lil "break" here on ef lol) and we're being hounded by these telemarketers today! He's getting all bent out of shape, especially because he told the FIRST guy to not call us anymore and to remove our names from the list. Then hours later, another phone call,same number, different guy.

We're on the do not call registry and have unlisted numbers, so Im wondering how on earth they are still receiving our numbers firstly, and secondly really getting irked that they are either calling at 10pm at night or on a Sunday. Grrr. Anyone else feel the same way? Sorry had to rant lol.
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underHim underHim
Feel the same way, you would think especially on Sundays they would leave you alone!
P'Gell P'Gell
Lately, we're getting 6 or 7 telemarketing calls a day. We're on the No Call list, too. They can get around it by pretending they are "taking a survey" or playing a recording.

It's gotten so bad some days that I won't answer my land line unless I recognize the number.
married with children married with children
I am rude to them on the phone. When they dont listen the first time I tell them I am not interested, and they keep trying to sell me something I get very rude to them. I know they are just doing a job, but they need to take no for an answer.
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