What do you do on April fools day

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What do you do on April fools day

SexyRayne SexyRayne
want to know how people celebrate this holiday?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
prank people
make prank calls
scare people
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DreamWolf , lexical , dv8
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DreamWolf DreamWolf
Well I weird only my Master out...

When He is in bed already I spend enough time before I do too, staying up later (I pretty much always do so He doesn't notice the difference) - I look around and try to imagine the silliest things to do with His Desk He always sits at as it is His WorkSpace...

Last year for example I created and entire "altar", of the "evil government plushy bear", two large red candles, stuff turned upside down and mouse hidden away, lots of other things flooded on His Desk, it took Him for a while to clean it, put everything back to its place and find His Things to start to work finally... ~lol (Now I am just a little sad that I didn't take a picture in the Night because it looked hilarious, really like the whole desk turning into some weird altar having all the craziest stuff on it... ^^ Am already thinking about the next Fools' Day... ~grins evil ~giggles impishly)
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
It gets on my nerves when people do stuff to me, so I don't do stuff to others... bad karma and the likes.
dhig dhig
never have
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
nothing really
BlooJay BlooJay
dlw dlw
I get pranked and I HATE it.
Falsepast Falsepast
1 of the worst days
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
nothing, just go about my day
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Nothing out of the ordinary. Recoup from the day before because March 31st is my mom and youngest childs b-day.
woofcub woofcub
a piece of tape on the bottom of someones computer mouse is usually a funny and harmless prank otherwise its just another day.
Kitka Kitka
Nothing, I forget most of the time that it's April Fool's Day.
tinadice tinadice
Originally posted by SexyRayne
want to know how people celebrate this holiday?
nothing really
lexical lexical
I CELEBRATE! Mostly because it's my BIRTHDAY

But I also adore playing pranks Unfortunately, it's usually other people pranking ME...You wouldn't believe how many empty boxes and gag gifts I've opened on my birthday, instead of legitimate presents. lol
dv8 dv8
I go to an April Fools parade.
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