What game system do you miss?

Falsepast Falsepast
I miss playing N64.
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Destri Destri
Sega Genesis...
ap-the-aper ap-the-aper
I miss the Super Nintendo.
Originally posted by ap-the-aper
I miss the Super Nintendo.
Me too, seriously.
lexical lexical
I still have my N64 set up in my apartment I got it for my birthday after it had just come out in '97. I'm now 23 years old and I've lived in three different states in the last few years, throughout college. The thing is still going strong. Love it. Hands down my favorite system.

I miss Atari and the original Nintendo. My parents have them at their house, but the NES no longer works. Amazingly, the Atari DOES!

I also miss Gamecube! I still have my games, but I have no console to play them on. I mainly just miss Pikmin...I wish Nintendo would make Pikmin for DS!
married with children married with children
the NES. the games were simple, yet good and fun to play. I dont have 300 hours to put into the new games they come out with. It is hard for me to invest $50 for a game that I do not have time to finish.
Alyxx Alyxx
Sega Genesis
Lacey Fennec Lacey Fennec
NES/SNES/Dreamcast are tied at my favorite.
B2 B2
Originally posted by Falsepast
I miss playing N64.
Super Nintendo
woofcub woofcub
I still have an Atari with a few games and my N64 that I play every so often, everything else I just get an adapter for an original controller and play the games on a computer emulator. the system I miss the most is my old NES.
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