what? you don't own any lingerie?

GravyCakes GravyCakes
in 1 of my classes, we were put into 2 groups. each group has to come up w/ & put together a window display to be graded as a project. we have a random window in the building just for this project. my group spent an entire class trying to come up w/ an idea, but could not agree on anything (which is to be expected when you have a group of about 10 or so w/ lots of different ideas). our teacher reminded us that we have to be able to put it together w/ stuff we have & cheap stuff we may have to buy. we couldn't agree on a product, which is really the 1st step. she told us to set up a display to show off a product, so i suggested lingerie. i have a small collection of a bustiers, corsets, baby dolls, & other lacy things. i figured that there are lots of window displays that do lingerie, & that it probably hasn't been done before in the past. when i suggested it, everyone in my group looked at me like i was insane, especially when i said i could provide most if not all of it. (there are a number of mannequins w/ some other props that the teacher provides). 1 girl even made the comment that she wanted to be able to put this project in her portfolio & wanted to do something that wouldn't look trashy. LINGERIE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TRASHY! we could have done a burlesque theme, or a slumber party (i have a silk robe that could go over some of the stuff). the thing that bothered me was that after suggesting this & telling them about how i had a small collection of stuff to use, they all gave me this look like, "ok, we know what you do in your spare time." surely i'm not the ONLY person there who has at least a few pieces of lingerie. luckily, 1 girl thought we could use some of the corsets w/ pants & do something like that, but no 1 else liked that idea, so i had to drop it.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Seems odd to me. Young women here in SO CA are pretty sophisticated when it comes to all things sexual. My 20 year-old daughter would not be offended at all - and I'm guessing she'd have some items to contribute.

Maybe it's a mid-west thing - not to dis people in the mid-west, but sometimes what we consider normal out west are frowned upon by those living in more conservative areas.

OK - I'm gonna stop because I know all you hot girls from the mid-west are going to tell me I've gone off the deep-end - so let me apologize in advance!
Ryuson Ryuson
I own a bit! And I really don't feel like it would have to be trashy! It's not like you're basing it off of Fredricks of Hollywood or anything!
indiglo indiglo
I have a pretty sizable collection myself and none of it is trashy. It's all very sexy and elegant, imo. (Oh, and I'm from the mid-west! ) Something I've noticed is that there are uptight, conservative people in every area of the country and in every area of the world I've visited.
js250 js250
There is classy lingerie and some trashy lingerie. With that said, I own an extensive collection of bustiers, corsets and other pieces that, if you price them out, are valued at more than the average blouse, jeans, or high heels other women spend their money on. Lingerie can be done tastefully - look at the underwear department in the larger stores, they have mannequins and displays. Good job for your suggestion and sorry about your ultra conservative partners.

Makes you want to ask them if they all wear granny bras and white granny underwear, huh? Bet some of them have lacy underwear, bra sets, or wear thongs!
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I have to say, I'm quite surprised in this day and age. More and more people are finding that sexual oriented things are the topic of most conversations. I didn't realize most people still thought it to be trashy.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
Wow, that's weird. I actually love lingerie because I feel it's very elegant. I certainly have a few pieces myself, some of then I can even wear out in public with jeans or slacks and have people not even notice. To be honest, setting up a lingerie display sounds like fun, I wish I could do it.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
Originally posted by Gunsmoke
Seems odd to me. Young women here in SO CA are pretty sophisticated when it comes to all things sexual. My 20 year-old daughter would not be offended at all - and I'm guessing she'd have some items to contribute.

Maybe it's a ...
i go to school in south ga, which can be super conservative, so i do see your point.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Originally posted by GravyCakes
i go to school in south ga, which can be super conservative, so i do see your point.
That pretty much nails it - the classic 'Bible Belt' - and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. My wife and I are fairly devout Catholics, but by the standards of the more conservative christian denominations - like Baptists - we're considered heathens because we like to drink and have a good time.

My wife is from KY - and there are still dry counties there, she feels so much different since 'escaping'.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
eh... conservative folk... who needs em?

it sucks when people are judgmental but its a natural thing to do, to a degree.

i just started my lingerie collection. and i DONT think you're a sex fiend for having lingerie.

just my $2... you know, inflation and all.
Paladin Fantasys Paladin Fantasys
I live in a red state and if you'd watch the movie Red State you'd know how it can be around here. My dad would get very angry watching Pepsi commercials with dancers in lycra in the 1990's, "That's just as porno as anything!"
Vegan Silk Vegan Silk
I own both "trashy" and "classy" lingerie. I bought my first thong when I was 16 (more than a year before my first kiss! who's got two thumbs and is a late bloomer? This girl!). Owning clothes didn't make me go out an have lots of sex, and having sex regularly doesn't increase the rate at which I buy lingerie.

I probably buy most of my lingerie when I'm not wearing it for anyone else, but just want a pick-me-up.
Athena Athena
I own a bit, used to own a ton. Sadly, it just really doesn't do much for my husband. He likes thongs, babydolls, simple stuff...but anything beyond that he has no interest in. Hand the guy a vibrator or a cock ring and he's raring to go though!!! I will say he is the only man I have ever met that really does not care for lingerie. Weirdo!!
Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
@ Athena - yes, my ex was one a handful of guys I have ever even heard of that hates high heels. We should tag them on some sort of roster.

Eh, you'll run into prudes everywhere. I live in my own little bubble world where my friends and I are very open sexually (in an honest way, not overtly sexual to each other), but occasionally I come in contact with repressed people at work, school, or whatever and get a swift kick of reality - not everyone is in touch with their bodies, or even willing to accept that I am.
KrazyKandy KrazyKandy
I have plenty of sexy lingerie and Im sure my mom would say its sinful even though Im married.
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