When people don't like you......

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When people don't like you......

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Do you ever get really annoyed/irritated or just plain stumped when you run into folks that just seem down right snotty towards you? Does it really bug you? Im not saying that it irks you and you drop it, but do you ever feel the need to pick their brain and find out WHY they don't like you?

I have a few folks that, no matter what I say, they feel the need to correct me or just get up on their "high horse" around me. Somewhat puff their chest or just down right rude, but in a roundabout way. Im one of those people that can clearly see right through it, so it really bothers me when its usually folks that don't even know me! Or maybe they dont like how I come off to them?

Some people seem to be intimidated by my overly outspoken ways, they feel threatened because sometimes Im the person that comes into "their space" and cramps their style. I don't mean to be, and Im just being me, without trying to purposely annoy or offend anyone. But sometimes, it just bugs the crap out of me, and I want to say to them "ok, I know there is something going on, whats up your butt?" LOL.

Anyone else get really bothered when others (usually that don't know you well) don't like you? Are you one of those people that feel the need to be liked by everyone or is it a "take or leave it-screw off I don't care what you think of me" sort of thing? lol.
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js250 js250
Sometimes. It really depends on how I feel about the person and what part they play in my life.
I try not to let it get to me but it is annoying!
MamaDivine MamaDivine
Originally posted by GONE!
I try not to let it get to me but it is annoying!
lol Amen to that.
michael scofield michael scofield
success is the best revenge
Gracie Gracie
I find that when people act snotty it says more about them than it does me. I look at it this way, I would rather spend my time with warm accepting people. They probably aren't good friend matterial. So while people like that can make you feel left out sometimes, you are better off investing your emotional energy elsewhere.
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