Who do you follow and why?

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Who do you follow and why?

Woman China Woman China
Ok... This is for all you Twitter folks out there....

Who do you follow?

I follow:

@UberFacts for strange and unusual facts

@iTweetFacts for the same reason as above (I like interesting things)

@ChinaDailyUSA for some news about China that is not heard in China (funny thing huh?)

@mercola for a healthy reminder how how packaged foods are GMO'd.

@TheTweetOfGod for some snarky God comments... seriously... snarky comments!!!

There are a few others I follow too, but those are the ones I look forward to reading!!!

What about you?
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OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Truth is we are too busy to be Tweeting. Maybe one day. I've a smart phone just about a year ago now. He still has a dumb phone.
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