Would you use a bidet?

kawigrl kawigrl
maybe if I was staying somewhere that had one
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
Originally posted by P'Gell
Hahahahaha! The Hershey Highway after kids this age go to the bathroom. UG!

I remember too many times walking into the bathroom and thinking (or saying) "WTF smells like shit in here?" Only to see a trail from the toilet seat to ...
That I would be less likely to touch because I would have gloves and bleach at the ready to clean said bidet as opposed to picking up panties unknowing of the poop situation... I'll take cleaning toilets to the poopy panties any day.
PussyGalore PussyGalore
Originally posted by P'Gell
I see what you are saying. But, in most countries where bidets are common, people don't have the American obsessive bathing or showering twice a day habit that a lot of us do. In the long run, it probably saves on water. In the winter I could ...
I can understand all of that. I guess they don't have cleansing cloths like we do, essentially baby wipes for adults? When I don't feel like showering I take a couple of those and clean up and toss them.
Fun Lover Fun Lover
I have used them, if my house had one I would use it, but would go and install one in my house.
Yoda Yoda
I'd love to own one, but until I do, I'll use wet wipes.
BeautiFullFigured BeautiFullFigured
I have one and love it. It's nice to cool off and freshen up in the middle of a long day. A handheld shower with a long hose is also a nice less costly alternative.
That Guy That Guy
I used one in Japan, I liked it. Wasteful or not, it's certainly better for your body than just using ordinary toilet paper.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
People bathe twice a day?

I've not used one - I live in an old house - but I don't have a problem in using one.
indiglo indiglo
I've never used one, but I would love to! I love feeling clean and fresh, and that is the ultimate in cleanliness to me.
sarki sarki
I wouldn't use one
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
thought it was strange when i first got to europe but before too many weeks passed i found myself reverting solely to them. i was too cheap to buy TP and turning into a full out hippie. i still don't use toilet paper except on rare occassion that i'm in a super hurry. it's set out for guests. i use a cup and pour water on my front and then the back and wash the back with a light bit of handmade soap sometimes.

definitely miss the bidet.
M121212 M121212
I would like to try one out for sure!
travelnurse travelnurse
I have had them in my hotel rooms before and I like!
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by PassionQT
I just took a quick 5mn, 1/4-full bath to wash the important areas, but was thinking of how nice it would be to have a bidet in my house since it would use less water. I'll still take a full shower later on today after I do some yard work and ...
I'd have to try one first!
RonLee RonLee
I have a bidet attachment on my toilet, and it works great.
BTW, The one that I have is the 2003 series from GoBidet.
The other one is Biffy Bidet.
If anyone has any questions for me about this you may message me through EF.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
I don't have one but would like to! - Had the opportunity once in a hotel in the Mediterranean to use one in a hotel we stayed at. It was the first time for me but once I used it I knew this was something I'd love to have in my own home.
wicked48 wicked48
I've never used a bidet but would like to try one.
RaspberryRogue RaspberryRogue
We have a Toto toilet, which has a bidet built in and is amaaazingg!! I love it and could never live without one now haha.
edeneve edeneve
it sounds both practical AND fun.
joolie joolie
I used bidets when traveling in Europe. if there was one in my home I'd use it frequently.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Never used one, but would like to.
sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
I've never used one, but not only would I love to try one out, I'd love to have one in my bathroom.
Trysexual Trysexual
Never tried one, but would be cool to have.
John E W John E W
i would love to try one out first to see how they are. They look so fun and interesting to use. And i guess if i tried one out and love it.... well then it would to put in in the purchase list of things for a bathroom
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I would love to have one in my house someday.
Living Doll Living Doll
I've never used one but I think it'd be nice to have.
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