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Short Cake Short Cake
Wow, lately I've been trying to familiarize myself with all the products on the EF website since I'm new, and it seems to go on forever, it never ends! It's overwhelming and just makes me realize I have a lot to learn, I wasn't completely new to toys when I joined but I didn't realize how many there are out there and how different each one can be!
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indiglo indiglo
Welcome to Eden! So glad you're enjoying browsing, I totally agree with you - the selection here is really good. And one thing I like about Eden is how much they listen to us in the community. There have been specific items that members have asked Eden to start carrying, and they've actually started carrying those items in response!

Enjoy your time, glad you've joined us! Feel free to check out the Mentor Program if you're interested in teaming up with an experienced member to learn the ropes.

Happy browsing!
T&A1987 T&A1987
Another helpful hint is to specialize with one or two specific types of toys. eden is like grad school, try to learn everything and your head will explode. just learn a lot about specific types of toys.
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