Good Old fashion courting vs on the go dating

Teacookie Teacookie
The process of finding mates has undergone many changes throughout the ages. The protocols, rituals and personal values have been structured around the communities individuals have lived in. There were many differnt reasons for a couple to be bonded for life. Out of all the differnt ways to end up married 'til death do you part, which method do you think is most successful?

(I would be happy to elaborate on any aspect of the above paragraph. It's is a highly condensed summary that I would consider to be more of an outline for an eassy. Going into detail of each societal norm for match making.)
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Structured Courting
funluvinmama , Teacookie , ellejay , Rawr4483 , KyotoAngel
5  (71%)
It's a date
1  (14%)
I don't know if I care
1  (14%)
I would take an assignment
Burn, cake and pillage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cave + club = MINE
You either forgot or you should know (Other please explain)
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Teacookie Teacookie
Assignment means arrange marriage.
funluvinmama funluvinmama
I said structured courting cause I won't wast my time on a bad date. Get to know each other first and make sure you don't waste your time on someone who might be a bad person.
Besides I hate how too many people expect sex after a date, even the first one.
My hubby and I were friends for a year before we dated the first time. Then we got back together after a 5 year split.
Teacookie Teacookie
Nice fun, I wish guys would court me. I've only had one guy actually treat me to dates and such. Otherwise I'm the type most peopel mistake for already beign married to the guy -_-. Tis lame
ellejay ellejay
Courting is always sweet.
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