Have you ever had 2 people fight over you

Adam02viper Adam02viper
Have you ever had way ad 2 people fighting over you? If you picked one are you still with that person? Also did you pick right away or did you let them fight over you for your amusement?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper

Um, right.

Not that I'm aware of. If they had, then they must have decided to go gay and be with each other or they talked themselves out of wanting me.

In a word: no. :-/
Waterfall Waterfall
Though I didn't hear/see them actually fighting, I had 2 brothers who fought over me and would tell each other that one could get me before the other. When I found this out I was kind of pissed because I think if they hadn't fought/teased each other then I might have been able to have a good relationship with one of them.
oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
That sort of nonsense is way more common in the movies.
rosythorn rosythorn
I had two guys who liked me, my boyfriend and his best friend. I had no idea about the other friend! This friend later dropped us as his friends. Really immature, he did not tell anyone he liked me before I started dating his friend. His loss. My gain I missed out on an awkward date with that one! No fights though
PassionQT PassionQT
No, not that I wouldn't be worth fighting over though!
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