Lif3sambiguity Lif3sambiguity
What are the key signs you are in a controlling relationship, and what needs to be done!?
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mrs.mckrakn mrs.mckrakn
Not really sure but I was with a dude who had to know where I was all the time. I hate getting checked on frequent. He didnt last very long.
mandiegk mandiegk
I dated a guy a few years ago that demanded the password for e-mail account and facebook, which I refused to give him because I am entitled to my privacy. Then he tried to tell me I couldn't have lunches with my male friends. I ended it right there, but he didn't get the hint and kept calling me. So told if he didn't leave me a lone I will be taking my phone records in front of a judge and getting restraining order. That worked and I haven't heard from him since.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Originally posted by Lif3sambiguity
What are the key signs you are in a controlling relationship, and what needs to be done!?
If they try to mandate who your friends can be and what you do it may be a sign to get out.
indiglo indiglo
Some of the first signs can be that they try to isolate you from family and friends and start saying things to make you feel bad about yourself. As for what needs to be done - you can talk to them about it and maybe they will agree to some counseling, or you can cut your losses and leave. Depends on how much the relationship and the person mean to you, and whether or not they are open to working out their issues.
tffnyandrs tffnyandrs
If you feel like you are in a controlling relationship, ask yourself why! If the reasons seem like something you wouldn't ask of another person or expect of your companion, then get out! Your life is so short so enjoy it! Don't stay somewhere you feel like you don't belong! I like the other's replies of counseling but whatever you do, don't waste years of your life trying to fix the unfixable or expecting the other person to change! It probably isn't gonna happen! Good luck!
K101 K101
I had a very controlling BF when I was in my teens. He had also become very abusive. The first "incident" he demanded that I quit smoking, he didn't ask and he made it clear that it wasn't because of health worries. He smoked as well. I told him I'd consider quitting if he did too. He blew up and ended up throwing me in a freaking creek and broke my finger. That was the end of our relationship, but a few years later he had exposed a VERY traumatic thing that I'd gone through and he beat the hell out of me! We were actually in high school when it happened and not dating, but he took me by the hair and repeatedly pushed my face into the floor. Thos school buildings have very hard flooring and it damaged my brow bone permanantly and I had knee problems for a couple of years over it. He fought me for a good 20 minutes before a teacher stopped him. I never went back to school after that.

So, to me, a controlling person should always be stopped or broken up with. There's a difference in controlling and insecure. I can understand some men feeling uncomfortable in certain situations and wanting their partners to be faithful. I can understand that in any person, but there's a real fine line between a little worrying/insecurities and a controlling person who is capable of beating or killing you. I think it should be dealt with very firmly! I don't think a break up is all a person who beats a woman needs.
MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
My bf is slightly controling and likes to know what im doing or where i am when were not together. He freaks out if i dont talk to him at all one day.
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