Lesbians, have you ever experienced Lesbian Bed Death?

jessi2 jessi2
I am thinking that we are experiencing this right now due to stress. Added stress from family issues, college graduation for my partner, and stress from work for me.

I have some insight or some tips on what you did to over come this issue.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Yes, we are still together and working on it.
Yes, but we broke up or could not work it out.
No, I have not dealt with this.
twelve13 , SydneyScreams , DreezzyyBabyy , femmepwr
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twelve13 twelve13
I have never experienced it in any of my relationships with women.
JDear JDear
I am dealing with this now and it's really frustrating and confusing. I still want to have an intimate relationship but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen on her end... We've talked about it and there's been no improvement. I know she loves me but it makes me feel unloved...
DreezzyyBabyy DreezzyyBabyy
Tar2013 Tar2013
I wanted to ask this because I am uneducated on the matter, what is Lesbian Bed Death?
Nymaya Nymaya
The fact that she and i didn't work out had very little to do with intimacy, we weren't really together on any other level, so it just sort of fell to pieces. if its meant to be alittle bit of bed death wont be the end of it. i think all it takes is a bit of patience and alot of communication and most things are fixable.
femmepwr femmepwr
Originally posted by Tar2013
I wanted to ask this because I am uneducated on the matter, what is Lesbian Bed Death?
Lesbian Bed Death is the idea that for lesbians, at a certain point in a long-term relationship, their sex drive fades or goes away entirely. I think it's a misconception, both because every relationship regardless of orientation has its up and downs, and because it's an unfair stereotype to pin on lesbians.
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