Have you ever had moments where your long term partner or spouse just suddenly looks amazing?

skittlezjoyann skittlezjoyann
I have that happen all the time. We are just sitting there and suddenly he just seems so adorable to me. We fight often so I don't take the time to just realize how cute he is until the most random times. That's when you pull them close, kiss them and let them know they just look so good lol
Munko Munko
Yup. Sometimes it just hits me. Often it's when I'm already in bed and he's getting ready for bed and I'm just watching him. Same routine every night, but for some reason some nights I can't help but drool over him all over again.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
Sometimes it will just come over me how truly amazing he is. I heard it said that the key to happiness is falling in love over and over with the same person.
nova2014 nova2014
Yea, days when everything is going splendidly and there are no issues I just look at him and he looks amazing to me, makes me feel more attached and in love than ever
angel42539 angel42539
surreptitious surreptitious
Originally posted by Jaimes
I was chatting with my husband yesterday and there was just suddenly something about what he was wearing and the way he carried himself that took my breath away. I've always thought my husband was very attractive, but after 8 years, one gets used ...
I honestly can't say that this has happened to me, and it makes me a little sad. I feel like it happens to my partner sometimes, and I wish that I could experience it too.
wetone123 wetone123
I haven't had a long term relationship in a very long time...but I remember having these feelings from time to time about my ex. It was a thrilling and joyous feeling of deep love. I miss all that...
evie.amor evie.amor
Yes, sometimes I look at him and just think "wow, he's dead sexy" but other times I can't stand him! Love, hate, love!
karenm karenm
Yes, it's always great when it happens. For me it's either he says something that really impresses me and reminds me of why I love him, or in a certain light he looks extremely attractive to me.
Ayogirl230 Ayogirl230
aw this is so sweet
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