Unfullfilled Fantasies

<3BF <3BF
When you are in a long-term relationship with someone have you ever had a fantasy that your partner does not share? Anal sex for example. How should you resolve the situation, by compromising or abandoning the fantasy?
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AndroAngel AndroAngel
Typically, we let it go. If one of us is against something, the other will not push for it. For instance, I won't make him let me play with his nipples, even though I really really want to, because he doesn't like it. If it's something one partner wants and the other is neutral on, we'll usually try it once and see where it leads. For instance, I was interested in anal sex, but didn't intend to try it. He wanted to try it, and it turns out I love it. I probably never would have done it if he'd pushed me for it rather than asking then letting me think about it and decide on my own time, though.
Ghost Ghost
We also "drop it". For something to work, both partners need to be into it.
Antipova Antipova
We drop it, and I only indulge in that fantasy during solo time or through erotica/porn. I don't think I could "abandon" a fantasy, though...
Beck Beck
I see nothing wrong with trying to tell them the benefits of doing the fantasy, but you should not try to talk them into it. For example like you said Anal sex, it is someone's choice to do it or not, but there is nothing wrong with you saying I have heard it makes you come harder, but if it is still a NO then it is NO. Wait until a better time and talk again.
Tangerine Tangerine
I think it's called a fantasy for reason..doesnt mean it HAS to come true.
Just depends on the relationship and how important that Fantasy is vs. the relationship. Will it fester until I get my way, (them or a side project) or will/can I just get over it and let go.

I cant say that I have that issue on that level. Mine are pretty much fullfilled, I have one thing I can think of but maybe I save it for a rainy day.

I generally like to have these talks before I even start with someone, if I know there is something I DEEPLY need and I can see them not meeting that need I discuss and we can decide will this work or should we say goodbye.
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