Temptation and Marriage

SavingMyself SavingMyself
I notice attractive people, but am I ever tempted to actually sleep with anyone else? No. I waited for him to be my first and I want him to be my only, no one is going to change that.
yevans yevans
I do notice a good looking man but I don't feel any sexual pull. Just like the view.
Fun2 Fun2
I still enjoy beauty, but I wouldn't say that I am ever tempted at all.
Septimus Septimus
I think that if you never feel an attraction to anyone in the world but your partner, you're the exception.
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
I'm not sure if the correct thing he would be tempted. I just find myself fantasizing about some people or thinking back on past boyfriends and thinking what-if.

I never fantasize while being intimate with my husband though. He is my ultimate eye candy.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I think most people get tempted. You just need good boundaries. If you are attracted then you do not spend time alone with that person, you do not flirt or share intimate conversations. If you do not get out on the ledge, you cannot fall of the ledge.
FieryRed FieryRed
As some others have said, I can admire an attractive woman ("Sharon" on the newer TV series Battlestar Gallactica is HOT), but I have no interest or temptation to do physical things with someone other than my partner. I've done my share of experimentation in the past, and am now very happy being monogamous.
RebelRebelJen RebelRebelJen
Originally posted by Bittenflame
Do you ever feel tempted towards other people even while being married?
I think it's natural to be attracted to others even when you're in a commited relationship of any kind. The key is to not act on those urges (unless that is something you and your partner are okay with and have set up parameters for...)
leanright69 leanright69
I see beauty and hotness but not tempted to have.
GingerSpice GingerSpice
tempted by the fruit of another......it happens..
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