Did you lose your sex drive after marriage?

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Not for us, and it got even better once we learned about Edenfantasys!
doctameca doctameca
mine decreased as my wifes got more spunk then b4
i try keeping up & most times cant even suggested a
3 some for her horny butt 247 she said no what to do
only bi men cause i would join in MMF BI lol
Thinkingman Thinkingman
Originally posted by captainsgirl
After marriage did you get a little to comfortable and loose your spice/sex drive/etc.?
For myself and wife it is pretty good, we do not have children. We both chose not to have any, so we don't have the interuptions couples with kids do. I have noticed alot of divorced friends state they have better sex lives, one due to new partner also the fact their kids are older or moved out. Not sure if this is same all over.
earthmama earthmama
Mine kind of went down, but I blame my choice in partner, not anything about the institution of marriage.
edeneve edeneve
actually I lost it cuz I didn't know anything about my own sexual nature & he sure didn't know how to pleasure me.
Vinroe Vinroe
The drive stayed the same. We just had some trouble finding extra time for marathon sex.
Sassy Pam Sassy Pam
We both did for a few years, we had a lot of things going on that required all of our attention and we let sex sit in a box somewhere. We did pick up and start running again a few years ago and I don't ever want to put it that box again!
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