Have you ever started a fight with your lover, just so you could have some of that hot 'make up sex' later?

Amy Snookum Amy Snookum
No we love to tease each other ) No fighting.
extrafun extrafun
That doesnt work for use, we both tend to hold a gruge and ussually after a fight its weeks before we have sex again and even then its not that good.
hjtee hjtee
when I get mad, I get really mad, and it takes days to get over usually. Doesn't seem like any fun.
jankit jankit
What? No way! When we fight, we are too upset to have any kind of sex!
KrystalFayeO KrystalFayeO
I've never had make-up sex.
MaryExy MaryExy
I would never ever EVER do this. My guy would kiiiiiiiiiill me, not give me hot make-up sex.
SavingMyself SavingMyself
No I hate fighting with him.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
We do not have make up sex. I would rather just have amazing sex. No need for it to be make up sex.
Khanner Khanner
This sounds like an incredibly bad idea.
Trysexual Trysexual
Don't enjoy fighting and no particular make up sex ever comes to mind and can't see why it would be any better.
Kitka Kitka
Nope, have never done that and don't really plan on it.
ellieprobable ellieprobable
Nope. That would be mean.
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
i tried but it never works out
True Pleasures True Pleasures
Nope. I usually feel to puffed, snotty, and headache-y for make up sex.
Alyona Alyona
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Originally posted by Pipedream Products
Just for fun.
Nope, I have not.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
No. Fighting is NOT fun for me. I'd rather get along and have a pleasant time with my husband.
Munko Munko
The only time we've ever really had "make up sex" is after we split for a few months a few years back. When we reconciled it was by FAR the best sex we've had ever, for a few weeks. There were definitely some intense and passionate feelings fueling those sessions. But, I'm not about to go kicking him out every now and then to keep things hot and heavy! If we have a disagreement or argue, we don't generally ever have make up sex, and typically don't have sex until the next day or so after.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Nope. We would rather not have sex than have to have a fight.
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
No I don't think that starting a fight is worth having hard sex just tell him to fuck you hard and keep being nasty and naughty to him and he will prob end up pounding you like you want but that might just be our relationship I don't know but I love it
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
I haven't, I think only because we fight enough and have makeup sex, without anyone intentionally doing it.

I'm not one to just start fights anyways so I think I would find my self snickering and laughing to much to even take it seriously.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
I'm a lover not a fighter and don't need to fight for hot sex. Besides, fighting is a waste of energy when I could instead funnel it to enjoy hot heavy sex.
snowminx snowminx
Never tried even having make up sex and I wouldn't purposely ever do that to a partner that I cared about.
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