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I am a single mother of 3, I take care of an ill parent and I am overworked on a typical day, But my friends my age are about the same when it comes to being overworked, maybe not in the same ways, but they always find the time to date. I just dont want to. I look at getting into a relationship, like going to jail. I simply dont want it. Am I crazy?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
No, you are not. Do not compare yourself to everyone else. You're comfortable with what you're doing and what you have, that's all that matters - especially to you.
indiglo indiglo
Nope, not crazy! I felt the same way for many, many years. Not weird, not crazy... you're just be true to yourself! I agree with Chilipepper, don't compare yourself to anyone else. Do what YOU want to do - no one needs "another half" to be a complete person.
js250 js250
No, you are not crazy, you are being honest. Dating, relationships and marriages are not for everyone and if you are happier and more complete by yourself--then why worry about it? After all, those who do not understand are not your true friends who know you and listen to your reasons.
Thanks guys, I think its just that I have been through so much, abusive ex husband, had children very young. I am just not into it. I wouldnt mind having a man around. I just dont wanna go through all the crap to find the right one lol. Besides, no one can please me like me! Thanks to eden! haha.
married with children married with children
no, you need to live your life the way that will make you happy.
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