What's The WORST part of Being Single

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What's The WORST part of Being Single

fizzygato fizzygato
Worst part is watching your friends or crushes,etc. have romantic/sexual/etc fun with others and having to wonder, "Am I missing out? If I had someone, would I be as happy as they look?"
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
Knowing someone you want to be with, and knowing they like you, but having it be screwed up by various factors.

I thought that crap got left behind in high school.
Happyinmypants Happyinmypants
Looking for a new partner and being alone at night
Falsepast Falsepast
Sleeping alone and having no one to talk to is awful
SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
For me the worst part is that I am now so used to being single, that I doubt I will be able to have a healthy relationship with anyone in the future. I am starting to forget what being with a man feels like.
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
Being alone at night sucks but I have many teddies
DanK63 DanK63
I guess being lonely sucks
snowminx snowminx
The sex part isn't that bad, I tend to just reuse past lovers or pleasure myself with sex toys lol
I think the worst part is just being lonely period, not really just the nights, I don't live alone so I don't get to sleep with someone all night anyways. I think being lonely and not feeling like you have someone to talk to is the worst. Being able to call someone to even just talk about your dad and being able to talk about anything and everything is really what makes a relationship so great. When you break up you might try to still be friends but the connection will never be the same.
MissAdara MissAdara
Companionship, having someone you can just talk to or be with when friends just aren't enough. I have been single waaay too long
JDear JDear
I chose other. It's partly being alone at night but bigger than that. I just miss having someone to touch and be close to when I'm single. Luckily I have found someone as cuddly as I am!
Real or memorex Real or memorex
I vacillate between the first two answers (nothing wrong vs. difficulty finding good sex partners).

I like sleeping alone and hate sleeping with another person.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I hate fretting over dating.
Etonia Etonia
With me its the fact that there isn't someone I can go to for anything. I mean I have my best friends but there are things that I can't or don't want tell them for some reason or another. Not having that one person there who will always be there for you no matter is the worst thing about being single, at least for me.
Woman China Woman China
Being ill or physically unwell and having no one to take care of you.

This for me is the worst part of being single. Other than this???? I love being single!!!
Undiscovered Undiscovered
When you are single, you cant share anything with anyone and also sleeping by yourself is no fun.
earthmama earthmama
Dating is awkward, true. Loneliness sucks, also. I think for me the "SO" in my life has always been the person that also connects me a bit more to the rest of the world, as I'm introverted and tend to have a hard time connecting. So without a caring best friend/lover/confidant e to go out of their way to draw me out of my little dream world, I tend to float off on my own too much. Finding a new one is like pulling hen's teeth too!
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