#AskEden - A few questions about the review program pertaining to Canadians/internationals color selection

Lulia Lulia
If you own a product that is already listed on the site but you have a different color that is not listed, is it still alright to submit a review? I own a glass toy from Don Wands that was under a slightly different name and color variation for Canadians.

Also, I'm just in the process with my mentor of requesting a product for review and while I know Canadians are eligible for the program, does Edenfantasys cover shipping costs? Are customs + tariffs included? Sorry for asking all these questions about price, but as a university student, it'd be a tad disheartening to get a custom charge more than the actual cost of the toy.

Thank you so much for your time and answers. Much appreciated.
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AskEden AskEden
If the color is one we don't carry on EdenFantasys, but everything else is the same, it should be ok. Just make sure you get it as close as possible.

If you receive an assignment in the mail, the basic shipping is free, but you're responsible for any taxes and tariffs. It's in the Terms and Conditions.

Never be afraid to ask questions! Just make sure you put "#AskEden" in the front of your post to catch our attention with it.

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