Anybody got a "Thank You" they want to give?

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Anybody got a "Thank You" they want to give?

Sangsara Sangsara
I just wanted to say thankyou to the eden admins for the points bonus that I was given today. I thought that something was wrong with the system till I looked it up and saw that I was awarded some points by an administrator. I assume that it is because I reported an off site review link that led to anti-eden propaganda that I was actually quite offended by when I read it.

I saw on a post awhile back that the points system was changing and would be occasionally handing out points but I didn't think it would be me that got them. Anyway I thought that this would be a good place to say
THANKYOU EDEN and in this case the admins. anyone else want to thank someone?
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EdenUser EdenUser
Not really.
Ansley Ansley
Aw, you're welcome.
Woman China Woman China
Huh. I noticed the other day I received 2500 points from the admins, but I thought it was for the birthday thing. You mean it could be because I was a good girl??? (If I were a wooden boy I'd be watching my nose grow right about now!!!)

Now I want to find out why I got those points so I can do it again!!!! I know. I'm greedy!
Badass Badass
Thanks JR for fixing all my problems and being super friendly, even when I'm a spaz with a spaz type problem. He's always so on point and responds to me quickly, I never have to wait too long to hear back from him.

Thanks to Ryuson & Beck for being critical with your constructive criticism. It was good for me, and I still think of your comments when writing reviews.
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