#AskEden - Just wondering... (Question about rating editors)

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#AskEden - Just wondering... (Question about rating editors)

pasdechat pasdechat
Is there a reason why points are awarded for rating a review but not for rating an editor's job on a review? I don't want to seem greedy, and in all honesty it's not the points themselves that really matter to me--it's more the fact that I feel like more people might vote if points were awarded. I've come across some edited reviews that still had pretty glaring errors, but it's rare to see more than (at most) one or two votes on the editor's work. I feel guilty rating less than "excellent" if I'm the only one doing so, but I find it really hard to tune out typos and errors when I'm reading; to be perfectly honest, it's hard for me to get through a review with more than one or two mistakes. Anyway, just wondering.
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wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I noticed that, too. That you get points for rating the review itself, but not the editor's work on it.

I have seen some issues as well with errors even though they were edited.

I look forward to seeing an answer to this question.
js250 js250
I am not sure why it is set up this way, however it makes it even more important to rate the editors if you see typos, etc. in the review. Also include a message to the editor to let them know there are typos and they need to take care of them.
AskEden AskEden
It was debated; but, in the end, it was decided that it would be too hard to separate the original writers review and the editor's work. How can you tell how thorough a review was edited if you don't see any errors?

In the end, we do take votes into consideration for each rotation.

pasdechat pasdechat
Thanks for answering my question. I can definitely see how that could be a problem--if you're consistently proofreading high-quality reviews there may be very little editing required. I just wish more people would take advantage of the rating system for reviews where mistakes have been overlooked :\
Geogeo Geogeo
I usually feel really, really bad when I vote an editor's work as poor (when I see 3 or more obvious mistakes) and I feel like they hate me now because they can see my name...but I feel like that's what the voting is there for, and we should be honest.
People need to be more bold about this. I've seen reviews that were horribly edited on here and people shouldn't be afraid to vote for what they really see, not what they think is nice.
pasdechat pasdechat
Thanks to everyone who replied - it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has noticed this I guess I'll try being a little less shy about my ratings.
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