Lexical's Looked At Mentorship from Both Sides Now

Antipova Antipova
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Lexical is one of the longest-standing reviewers on Eden---from her earliest reviews in 2009 (!) she's grown a lot as a reviewer, and seen Eden grow a lot. When she first became a reviewer there was no such thing as the mentor program, and by the time it was introduced Lexical was already ready to be a mentor.

So after mentoring several successful students, Lexical thought she'd take a look at the mentor program from the other side, and signed up for a class with me! Together we focused on the flow and content of reviews (she's already a fabulous reviewer, so we just fine-tuned things together, and I learned just as much as she did, I'm pretty sure!) so she could get a feel for how other classes are run. She let me help her with a review of a toy (which we both consider to be our strong point), and with a review of a bath and body product, where we both feel like we have more room to grow.

If you want to see how Lexical fares as a student, check out her glowing review of Picobong's new Moka: Better Moka Than Starbucks, and Notte Working For Me, her detailed review of her disappointment with Notte Breeze dry shampoo.

Then drop by her page and congratulate her on a class well done, and maybe sign up for a class yourself with this lovely lady
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Kindred Kindred
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
Congrats! How cool for both of you
Beck Beck
Sammi Sammi
lexical lexical
Hooray! Thanks, everyone! And thank you to Antipova. It was an excellent experience.
petite-n-sweet petite-n-sweet
My first teacher becomes a student! How cool!! I loved your Moka review by the way =)
lexical lexical
Originally posted by petite-n-sweet
My first teacher becomes a student! How cool!! I loved your Moka review by the way =)
Aww, thank you, petite-n-sweet! Glad you liked it!
sktb0007 sktb0007
Congrats Lexical!
SexyStuff SexyStuff
Well done!
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