Need votes, just became addicted to this amazing site!

babychika babychika
Hi everyone, we are really enjoying writing reviews on our favorite toys and would love to become advanced reviewers. Please please vote for us!!

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indiglo indiglo
If you want to become an advanced reviewer, I recommend you sign up to go through the mentoring program. It will help you write more detailed, better reviews, and to know what others look for when reading a review.
babychika babychika
I am definitely checking it out. Just wasnt sure if I did that all my votes i have now would go to waste. But there is always room for improvement
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Even advanced reviewers can get a mentor. I'm planning on working out an agreement with my current mentor (or finding somebody else) to keep watching over me once I get advanced. Most of it is because I'm a foreigner and managed to write "circumference" when I meant "diameter" in my first review (and then complain that the toy is a bit too wide ), but some of it is just wanting to have another person's perspective.
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