#Roundup - December 04th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #23!

I hope everyone had a great relaxing holiday last week! It’s hard to believe that it is now December, and we are only a stone’s throw away from the infamous 2010. I was just thinking today about how I started doing these Weekly Roundups almost 6 months ago. The very first Roundup I did was on July 3rd, and I was literally out the door within seconds of publishing it to take a road trip with my family back to where I grew up for the weekend. The Fourth of July doesn’t seem that long ago, but there is no denying that another year has almost passed. Now it’s getting colder every day, it’s dark outside at 5pm, and the video game systems and accessories from Santa Claus have being delivered in pieces everyday this week in little brown boxes from the North Pole, via by FedEx of course.

Speaking of Holidays… I hope that you all know, by now, about our super fantastic Holiday Coupon Code, that is only available to our contributors There is still plenty of time to request yours, but I would suggest doing it soon in case you forget about it, or even worse… What if you put off requesting your code, that you were going to use on your own personal little holiday gift to yourself, to buy the 83 items on your wish list, AND THEN next week your house gets ransacked by a family of Sasquatch, and they destroy your computer? Now with no computer, and no tractor trailer full of sex toys on its way to your house, what will you do… what WILL you do?

Ok, ok… reviews this week reached another record breaking number… drum roll please…. 221! Wow! Outstanding! Congratulations everyone on a great week! We’ve had a number of contributors who had been inactive for a while returning, and we’ve had a number of new contributors joining our community. Our community is doing very very well!

Yesterday your contributor Product Search was upgraded, so make sure you take a look. We went over the Product Search, took plenty of your suggestions into account, and made some changes to hopefully makes things a little clearer to understand, and easier to use.

And now last… but certainly not least, World Aids Day / World Aids Week, is coming to an end. If you have not yet read the articles on Sexis & Eden Café, please go take a look. We have also been using Twitter to raise money for the Aids Service Center In NYC, on Twitter. We posted a hashtag that if RTed 1,000 times, Eden Fantasys would donate $1,000 - which will be announced tonight - (more Information on that right here.)

And now onto the sex toys. Here are this week’s 5…


DynamicDuo: “Everyone could use a Manhandling!” – a review of the Manhandler dildo by Doc Johnson. Welcome to the Community DynamicDuo! DynamicDuo is actually a husband and wife review team, and for their very first review they chose the Manhandler. This is such a classic toy that you see pop up all over the place. I think a funnier, but probably less appropriate name for this toy would be the ‘Meat Sword’. But please stop by and say hello to the DynamicDuo, and check out their review of the Manhandler.

Britni TheVadgeWig: “A Sheet (And Couch and Carpet and Life) Saving Throe!!” – a review of the Fascinator Posh Throe by Liberator. This is such a unique and useful invention and Britni TheVadgeWig says it best in her summar, “sex gets messy” even if you are not a squirter. She go to take a look at her review to find out just how useful the Facscinator really is.

Loves2Cuddle: “Pirate Booty for Everyone!” – a review of the Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge by Digital Playground. Here we have one of the, or maybe the number one, most successful adult movies… of all time. I think that I saw a few minutes of this one, and there was a CGI animated monster that one of the girls has a sword fight / battle with. Now how many skin flixxx have you ever seen where you can say you saw that happen. Plus this DVD comes on 4 discs. If you would like to know about the movies itself, take a look at Loves2Cuddle’s review… or Pirates 2.

Sir: “Joque’s Thong-Style Fraternal Twin, Theo” – a review of the Theo g-string harness by SpareParts. According to Sir “works perfectly for sex”, but wait! There’s more! There’s a whole lot more actually, but the bottom line here is a 5 star rating of this harness; but Sir backs this rating up with quite the thorough and extensive review.

Jimbo Jones: “Vroom, Vroom, Vroom” – a review of the Vibro Lady Original by Fleshlight. I was thinking about buying one of these new Vibro Fleshlights yesterday when I was in the office, but I got so busy it slipped my mind. However, I think this coming week I will get one. I was kind of interested and curious, but after reading this review I think I am sold on buying one. Now just what’s so great about the Vibro Fleshlight you ask? Well, I am glad you asked… you see, we have this excellent review just waiting to give you all the information you need.

Well that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Victoria Victoria
Over 220 reviews and we're giving ASC $1,000 - freakin awesome week! Not to mention, Brit's review made me all "want"-y and Jimbo's review made Gary all "must have"! Nicely done. everyone!
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Originally posted by Victoria
Over 220 reviews and we're giving ASC $1,000 - freakin awesome week! Not to mention, Brit's review made me all "want"-y and Jimbo's review made Gary all "must have"! Nicely done. everyone!
LOL!!! We've got the *exact* same dilemma here at our house-- I'm drooling over the posh throw now, and Alan's got Jimbo's Fleshlight on his list too!
Sir Sir
Very cool, I'm on the five this week! And well, that is a lot of reviews! The amount keeps going up. Great reviews, everyone.

Also, funny post, Gary! I loved the part about the coupon code.
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
I burst into laughter when I read the part about the coupon code, and then I proceeded to read it again out loud to my boyfriend Congrats to everyone in th
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
in the roundup** sorry my laptop decided to post before I was done typing
deceased deceased
I love that EF is doing something in a big way for AIDs care!!!
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
Thanks, Gary, for putting my review on the list. The Fleshlight Vibros are pretty cool.
Sir Sir
Originally posted by deceased
I love that EF is doing something in a big way for AIDs care!!!
It definitely is wonderful.
Sammi Sammi
That's an amazing number of reviews for the week!
Sundae Sundae
What then Gary? I'd be making a throw rug of Sasquatch fur, that's what.

Can't believe how many reviews EF gets each week now, it's insane! However, reading them gives me something to do in between waiting for packages to arrive and playing with all of my toys...
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