Anal Sex for the first time.

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Anal Sex for the first time.

Sexymami69 Sexymami69
My boyfriend and I have been trying to ease a way into anal sex,but I find it too painful, does anyone have tips, suggestions, or toys to start off an anal virgin?
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leatherlover leatherlover
From what I have read, do not try anal sex the very first time you play with your ass. After you are assured that you are clean back there, have him just start rubbing your anus with his fingers. First just the outside, then a small amount of insertion. Maybe then try a small dildo with plenty of lube, like the Tantus small silk. link
A anal specific lube that is thicker is also helpful. After a few sessions where you do not feel as full, try moving up to a butt plug to start that will allow your butt to get used to something up there before your boyfriend puts his penis in. This Tantus ryder plug has some really good reviews. link

For more information, try reading through this guide. It has really good information.

And it should never ever be painful. If it is, you need to slow down and size down in whatever you are using.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
You may want to start with solo play first to learn how to relax your muscles and get used to the feelings. Once you are able to relax you'll be able to accomplish more and with considerably more pleasure. Don't expect to jump straight to allowing him to have anal and there not be any discomfort. Go slow, relax, try different toys and enjoy.

The link to the guide is very informative.
ScottA ScottA
To start out don't try any penetration at all. Start with outside play (lubed fingers or similar) and just learn to like the sensations and start to figure out how to relax your anus. From there move to penetrative play with one finger and do the same thing, then a small toy (smooth). After that move to partner play (start over again from the beginning, because it's hard to trust a partner enough to relax your anus from the get-go). Don't expect to have anal sex for a couple of months - you want to be able to enjoy the sensations and keep your anus as relaxed as possible during play before trying anything penis related.
SexyySarah SexyySarah
You have to be super relaxed and super lubed up. My hubby was an excellent teacher and VERY patient with me. Everyone is saying don't try it the first time you play, but I don't know that you have to wait if you feel ready for it. Main thing I can tell you is when he/toy is going in kinda push out a little, like you are having a bowel movement, just not really hard, just enough to open you up. Slowly insert pull out, play and repeat until you are comfortable with either a toy entering or him entering. I tried it with my ex and neither of us were experience enough for it to be enjoyable and he thought all he needed was some lube, NOPE! My hubby totally made me have a change of heart with anal and I LOVE it now, it just take time and relaxation and patience on the mans part! lol
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