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Itsnotabanana Itsnotabanana
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How big do you guys prefer your anal toys?
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Bex1331 Bex1331
Hmm, not sure, I've actually been wondering what size to get my first anal toy, I know there are some great starter plugs but they're so small and I've been having anal sex for a while so I think I'd need something a little larger
Chou Wang Chou Wang
It all depends on how "advanced" you are in that matter. I would not say that the toy you are looking is too big. I have prefer my toys a bit larger these days like the Ultra skin cock followed sometimes by the Randy. However if you're in the rush a quick massage by the Billy is good too
nimbuscloud3 nimbuscloud3
get something that you think you might not be able to handle but not to big that way you have something to work with for awhile
Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
Originally posted by Itsnotabanana
How big do you guys prefer your anal toys?
I'm still on a slightly small to sort of medium now. Uncomfortabel as you get bigger, but well worth it.
Sweet-n-sensual Sweet-n-sensual
Still on the slimmer side but I like textured or ribbed better than smooth
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