Are you picky about the color of your anal toys?

Bignuf Bignuf
We love anal toys that look....well, toy-like. Especially for pegging. I don't want anything that looks too real, and nor does he. We like candy colored, bright...TOYS.

How about you?
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Two Grand Two Grand
I really dont care much about the color of my toys, I care more about the size and how they feel. the only I see color is when I lube them up.
Rossie Rossie
Brown colored anal toys...they remind me of poop!
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
think I am never thought about it though til I saw this
Suisei Suisei
I like them to be pretty colourful too. Sure, you don't see much of them while they're in use, but I still like them to be available in an array of colours.

I also don't enjoy realistic toys for the most part. Whimsical all the way!
Beck Beck
I don't care what toys look like. I am not a huge fan of realistic especially with the cock and balls.
BathroomSink BathroomSink
I don't care if I am using them for myself. If I am playing with my wife we prefer bright novelty colors.
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
Not specifically for anal toys, but I'm not a fan of realistic anything. There's just something weird about getting off with a disembodied part...
jr2012 jr2012
yes I'm picky about color of ALL toys! If I'm spending money on it I want it to look good too!
ohmai ohmai
I like pretty and girly. Black looks too serious
hmb12 hmb12
Very rarely do I like "realistic" looking toys because they just aren't realistic looking at all. But I have a friend that cringed when I told him that I am considering going with a green toy. He says that is too bodily a color for him. I love just having a variety, or whatever catches my eye.
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