Does using anal toys hurt?

Juggalette Kila Juggalette Kila
Juggalette Kila
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Ive never had Anal sex before or played with Anal toys and i was wondering if they hurt??
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ToyGeek ToyGeek
It's not supposed to hurt, so if it does, you're going too fast, or not using enough lube, or not warming up properly. So no, done right, anal play does not hurt.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
NO! If you go slow and use lube it is very fun and completely painless
meitman meitman
Agree with the other two posters. Start slow and small and work you're way up.
johnnyjohn johnnyjohn
my gf says they dont hurt if you go slow
Sunny Meadows Sunny Meadows
agreed with the above posts
Luca77 Luca77
I also agree with the above posts.
ScottA ScottA
When done properly, anal play doesn't hurt, although it can feel a bit odd at first while you get used to the sensations.

In order to do anal play properly you need to play slowly (at least in the beginning), use lots of lube, have lots of foreplay, and know and respect your and your partner's limits.
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