Probe or plug for anal non-virgin who's out of practice?

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Probe or plug for anal non-virgin who's out of practice?

Ollie Vee Ollie Vee
I'm poring through various toy suggestions and I'm scratching my head. There's plenty of suggestions for anal newbies but they don't seem to be what I need. I have had past experience (fingers, beads, those weird '80s sparkly plugs that gave me an itch, and penises) but it's years and I'm way out of practice. I'm not considering beads after an accident with a bead cord snapping. Thankfully no beads went missing so no ER visit but that was no fun getting the stuck ones out! >_< I know, I know, toys have changed for the better and safer but I have no trust in beads, plus I always found them hard to get in (too flexible).

What I'm interested in is a graduated type plug or probe that has a fairly small starting tip. I have a Glass Probe but I can only use it for vaginal play, it's too heavy and the first bump was uncomfortably large and I don't know what made me bleed, if it was a dormant hemorrhoid or if it was a case of oops, too big I'd like something that's easy to clean and not super-bendy. Maybe I'll have to forget about the series-of-bloops probes and go with a plug, much as I like the feel of the bloops?
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Annemarie Annemarie
If you like bloops and want a plug, go with the Jolly Jack. Best of both worlds.

I wrote a review on it, and I love it. It's medium-sized, and has increasing-sized bloops, so you can be comfortable with each before moving on.

It's flexible, but firm, and it's silicone, so, easy to clean.
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