Are Vac U Lock Harnesses Anal Friendly?

Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
I Just ordered the Radiant gems™ G-spot harness link to use as a female to male strap on (first timer) Will this be a good choice?
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Sammi Sammi
Bumping this for you
Sir Sir
Very anal friendly and a good, low-price choice, but I do recommend using a condom with your harness and strap-on because the dildo included is Sil-A-Gel, meaning that it cannot be sanitized, which may lead to some bad situations with anal play. Vac-U-Lock harnesses are all anal friendly, as the dildo is attached in such a way that it should not come off if the receiving end is lubricated properly.
Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow
The lady and I bought a Vac-u-lock. Seemed nice enough. A variety of attachments, even a place on her G string type strap to lock on a plug or two. It just seemed to me like it would be more secure than the O-ring style harness's. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was total garbage. We used it once and tossed it out, for a number of reasons. Namely the low quality materials the dildos were made from irritated me; Giving me a border line burning sensation. Plus they've got a monopoly on the dildos because it's there system.. So your forced to use low quality crap because that's what they make. Harness quality was poor. And the Vac-U system itself is a pain. I'm an athletic 180lbs and I had a hell of a time pulling the dildos off the Vac-U prong. Anyways we switched to an Aslan O-ring style harness and now have a seemingly unlimited selection of high quality, body-friendly silicone dildos to choose from. We couldn't be happier, I would never go back. Didn't mean to rant.. but yea.
ScottA ScottA
If you want a lower-price O-ring option the Sportsheets harnesses are pretty good and substantially cheaper than the Aslans.

Aslan makes a great harness, so if you want the best and can afford it go ahead.
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